Geofencing marketing is a type of marketing that is location based. This type of strategies can be used in number of ways that mainly include sending close proximity message. The messages can be conveyed through the use of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi as well.

MASHABLE VIDEO is guiding us about Geofencing marketing app in this video:

What functions are needed to make a geofencing marketing app?

AUG 13, 2015

In this Ask A Dev, iOS Engineer Dan Murrell helps developers and advertisers prepare for next year’s SXSW by explaining how to set up a geofence around downtown Austin, Texas.

He’ll tell you what software and devices you need to familiarize yourself with before building your fence, as well as how to maximize your reach.

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Things to consider:

While doing Geofencing marketing, there are following reasons which must be kept in mind:

Local shopkeepers:

As Geofencing marketing is a service that is location based. Geofencing marketing may engage local shopkeepers. This service starts sending messages to the users of the smart phones when they enter a defined area. There are several companies that start sending advertisements as they (users) enter the malls. It is also considered as undeveloped because most companies are disintegrated with their CRM systems.

AJ Ghergich at is telling how to add Geofencing to your marketing:

The Power of Geofencing and How to Add it to Your Marketing [Infographic]

January 18, 2017 AJ Ghergich

Thanks to the ubiquitous smartphone, there’s now an entirely new level of marketing available: Geofencing.

Geofencing is a location-based marketing tool that enables more active consumer focus. There are three ways to track a customer’s location: GPS, Bluetooth, and beacons, and each method finds and targets customers in different ways. And while it’s a relatively new technology, it’s important for marketers to be aware of- and understand – geofencing in order to help their company’s bottom line.
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More rewards:

While doing the Geofencing marketing, you will get to know the exact location of your customers. In this way you can not only modify offers but also give those remunerations and a personalized skill.

This video by Pulsate HQ will tell you about the 7 basics:

More about Geofencing Marketing:

1. Geofencing marketing can not only done through mobile phones but also done through tablets or desktop. It can be less or more effective.
2. Doing so, it is compulsory for the users to look at the phone because without it, reaching to the user is not possible. It is not useless to say that geofencing marketing is very helpful but only if used correctly.