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When a young girl finds a mysterious silver bauble hiding beneath a cabinet in her grandmother's house, a spellbinding, epic tale unfolds.
Kristina Coia
Kristina Coia


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Author of Falcon's Prey
When a young girl finds a mysterious silver bauble hiding beneath a
cabinet in her grandmother’s house, a spellbinding, epic tale unfolds…
Wynne, a humble kitchen maid, and her friends, Princess Avariella,
Prince Jared, and Aric, a stable hand, find adventure and wonder in the
world of Lymeria. The four friends are pulled into a labyrinth of riddles
and trickery in their desperate attempt to stop the evils of the dreaded
wizard Cepheus.
Kristina Coia has written a captivating tale full of twists and turns, in
which four friends work together to outwit the forces of evil while
discovering the power of love and the bond of friendship.
action/adventure, fiction, suspense, young adult, mystery, ebook

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Hi, I am Kristina Coia. I am 18, a singer/songwriter, author and motivational speaker. I live in New Jersey and I love to sing, write and perform!
I've written two books called FALCON'S PREY and LYMERIA. They are fun, easy reads for ages 9 and older and I'm told they are great for book reports! My song, THE WAY HOME, is actually a lullaby in FALCON'S PREY that I put to music.
When FALCON'S PREY was published, I was asked to go to schools to talk about writing. I found that my talks were putting kids to sleep, so I needed to think of another way to keep them awake! I decided to to take examples from my books where the main characters had to overcome challenges and compare them to what kids in middle school are going through today. I introduced what I call THE PURPLE WIG THEORY and to keep things entertaining, I even put on a purple wig during the program. I called my program SHINE THROUGH. I never imagined that my SHINE THROUGH program would become so popular. I love presenting them to schools and youth groups. Having so many requests for a program for elementary grades, SHINE THROUGH is now available for grades 1 through 8!
I am excited about the release of my debut Country Music CD entitled, ..HOW ABOUT THIS... Having worked over a year on my CD, which includes 8 of my original songs, I truly hope to sign with a label and make my dream of becoming a professional singer a reality.
Stay tuned for my next book coming soon!




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