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One part Night at the Improv, two parts Junkyard Wars, Team Challenges: Group Activities to Build Cooperation, Communication and Creativity is a springboard for creativity.
Kris Bordessa
Kris Bordessa


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Team Challenges
Group Activities to Build Cooperation, Communication and Creativity
Team Challenges offers more the 170 cooperative activities for classrooms, summer camps, family get-togethers - anywhere teachers, facilitators, or parents hope to cultivate problem-solving skills and collaboration.

The hands-on projects in Team Challenges teach children to experiment with building methods, discover new uses for everyday items, try on new personas, and express themselves as they work toward a solution. Team members are requird to think outside the box, communicate clearly, and cooperate with each other.

Best yet? It's a blast!
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Kris Bordessa is the author of several books full of fun for kids. From team building to exploring history, her hands-on activities inspire kids to delve in and discover.



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