AUTHOR: Lynda Coker

When Victoria Ballard is tricked into marriage with a Prince of the Desert, her perfectly designed life unravels. To put the pieces back together and claim the heart of a Prince, she’ll have to find a way to bridge The Ocean Between .
Lynda Coker
Lynda Coker


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The Ocean Between

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VICTORIA BALLARD is a New York financial executive who considers men to be an unnecessary annoyance. With her career on track, she focuses on the adoption of four beautiful orphans, a crowning completion to her predesigned life-plan. However, life is a nasty trickster, and it’s about to spring one on her in the person of PRINCE RASHID DAVAR.


PRINCE RASHID DAVAR completed a marriage contract with Victoria’s father that is sure to teach him an unexpected lesson—A woman of the West is more easily married than controlled. Victoria may be his wife, but it will take a kidnapping, a battle of wills, and some desert heat of his own before he can claim her love.



All at once, the amber flecks flared with blazing

intensity as his gaze sank into the depth of her

unguarded eyes. He breached her most shielded and

intimate places without mercy or repentance. Like a

specimen laid bare for inspection, she was helpless

to prevent his appraisal.


He leaned his upper body toward her, abruptly

freeing her from his entrapping gaze. The moist heat

of his breath caressed her cheek. His voice, smooth

as black velvet, stroked her ear.

“An angry one who begs for a man’s



The need for escape flashed like lightning across

the synapses of her brain. This time, she yanked her

arm back with more force. Unrelenting fingers

refused her release.


“Let go of my arm. Please.” The pleading tremor

in her voice angered her beyond bearing. How dare

he do this to her?


His smile sent shivers down her spine. It

mocked her and sent a clear message. He was the

one in control and there was little, or nothing, she

could do.


“We have not concluded our introductions. I

desire you to stay a little longer.”


Victoria spun her head toward her father. Was

he going to do nothing? The shocked expression in

his eyes mirrored hers. He remained speechless. She

would have to deal with this insane person herself.

She squinted through tightened eyelids, giving the

lunatic a frozen stare as she searched for a withering



 “Mr. Davar, are you completely demented? Who

do you think you are?”


He smiled as if she’d just handed him the keys

to the kingdom.


“At the moment, I’m simply a man attempting to

repair a momentary lapse in good manners.”


“Well, I don’t require an apology.”


“I think you are mistaken. You are obviously a

woman who requires a great deal.”


His calm reply made her want to scream. From

somewhere in her childhood memories leapt a

sudden urge to hair pulling. If he kept this up she

might just be reduced to the playground tactic. Then

a more sickening reality dawned. To affect a

dignified retreat, she would have to pacify him.


“Fine, I accept any and all of your apology. Now,

I have an appointment and I don’t wish to be late.”


Rashid’s hand loosened its grip. His fingers

uncoiled, one at a time, until she was finally free of

him. She repressed the urge to flee and took two

dignified steps backward.


The hateful hand, which impeded her

movements just moments earlier, reached in her



“There is a slight redness on your arm. I have

imprinted my touch on your skin. If I hurt you, I

most humbly beg your pardon.”


To be honest, he hadn’t hurt her at all.

Although, the idea of him begging was one she could

warm up to. Not dignifying this apology with an

acceptance, she turned and walked away. Exiting

her father’s office, she stalked across the reception

area and entered her own, slamming the door behind


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