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This mulit-award winning keepsake is about the power of unconditional motherly love the author received from his 9 moms. The kitchen was the venue where they enjoyed their many heartfelt conversations. The book pays tribute to moms everywhere.
Johnny Tan
Johnny Tan


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From My Mama's Kitchen
food for the soul, recipes for living.
This multi-award winning book is about the power of unconditional motherly love providing potent leadership. Johnny Tan was spiritually guided to write about his relationships with his 9 moms. Through nurturing, as teachers, coaches, and counselors, Johnny’s moms have richly flavored his life's successes. Adopted at birth in Malaysia, Johnny arrived in the United States at 18 to attend LSU in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Here, he began a journey that led him into crossing paths with several women he affectionately referred to as moms. His 9 moms provided inspiration, support and life skills that guided him towards his pursuit of personal excellence.

The kitchen is used as a backdrop because it is the heart of every home, and it is where Johnny and his moms enjoyed their many conversations. The book offers a wealth of wisdom, fostering good parenting skills and effective communication. It also pays tribute to moms all over the world in an entertaining, inspiring, and educational way. Since Johnny had originally intended this book to be a keepsake collection of his mama’s recipes, he has included some of his favorite recipes at the very end. The print version makes a wonderful gift for all occasions as it has a dedication page for personalization.

Released with the endorsement of the National Association of Mothers? Center, the book won the Mom?s Choice Awards, Mr. Dad Seal of Recognition, and Publisher?s Choice Awards by Family Magazine Group in 2010. The book also won the Finalist Awards from the International Books Awards, and the National Indie Excellence Book Awards in 2011.
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About Me

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I believe the best way to learn about me is through my personal vision and mission statement, which I authored in January 1996.

For Myself: Using my gift of creativity and imagination, I will continue to invent the future by expressing my visions courageously in words and actions. I will always be a professional – honoring integrity, justice, kindness, and will always be humble and have a sense of humor in everything I do.

For My Family: They are my treasure. I will always promote and take the lead in building healthy and loving relationships that allow each of us to become our best selves.

For My Professional Life: I will always create a learning environment that is fair and honest, which can cultivate and inspire others to greatness and success by acting as a catalyst in a shared vision.

For My Community: I am committed to enriching the lives of all who cross my path by sharing my fellowship, and by respecting their very own unique selves. I will always nurture the development of all life forms in harmony with the laws of nature.

I will always live my life with a Universal Balance, with a smile on my face and a twinkle in my eye, peaceful and confident, always living to learn, to love, and to leave a legacy.

In 2001, I left a successful career as the Chief Operating Officer of a major company to pursue a life-long dream of owning my own business. I launched Batik World® and started selling exotic Malaysian Batik ™ fabrics to the apparel and fashion accessories industry.

In the spring of 2003, I started another company, The Reyna Collection® to market Tribal Artifacts from exotic Borneo, focusing on the interior design and home décor industries. Today, it is a premier multi-line resource group located in Dallas, Texas, representing seven major companies and manufacturers with product lines ranging from architectural antiques, furniture made from natural fibers, handmade decorative lighting, bronze statuary and sculptures, fine porcelain, certified “Green” furniture from Brazil, and architecturally sculptured custom water features.

In April 2007, after being inspired and encouraged by my various “moms,” I began a new project – a book titled, “From My Mama’s Kitchen – food for the soul, recipes for living.”

A book of insights, I begin in the kitchen, which is highlighted as a one-of-a-kind classroom where these women (my nine moms) become aware of both the challenges and rewards of life, and where they discover themselves – their strengths, weaknesses, creativity, and private sanctuary.

Just as women’s lives expand to encompass far more than the kitchen, so does my book. I show how these women continue to embrace the roles of teacher, coach, and counselor for their loved ones while continuously working on their own personal goals, challenges, and refinements.

I share their timeless loving wisdom that makes such a positive difference in my life and the lives of those they love. Finally, in the normal cycle of the human life, each one of us will eventually become our parent’s parent, and this is where “we come to a full circle by fulfilling the synergy of family oneness.”

In a nutshell: I have been very fortunate over the years to have the opportunity to cross paths with several wonderful women whom I am proud to call mom. They have helped me at various points in my life to decode the many mysteries and challenges of everyday living. Their unconditional love and support have helped me to continue to succeed in all areas of my life.

From a humorous perspective, I have always viewed life as a giant buffet line that offers me the opportunity to choose what I like. With the exception of eating vegetables, I would always try something new once. If I like its flavor and taste, I will always go back for seconds.

Likewise, I view my blog with the same perspective. If I have pique your interest with the articles covered in the various categories, please come back for seconds, thirds, etc.

Finally, please check out my From My Mama’s Kitchen Talk Radio Show (FMMK Talk Radio) where you can listen live and have an opportunity to call in as a participating listener or to request to be a guest on the show.

I welcome and look forward to receiving all constructive comments.

Thank you and have a wonderful day.



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