AUTHOR: James Boyle

Dan and Stephanie return to continue their battle with ni'ilaquo. This time though, they have found an ally. Or have they?
James Boyle
James Boyle


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Ni'il: The War Within
Book Two of the Ni'il
Police Chief Dan Connor and Stephanie Amis return in this sequel to Ni’il: the Awakening to continue their battle with ni’ilaquo. This time the situation is different. They know exactly what kind of a monster they’re facing and it has learn how strong they can be.
As the people of Placerton clean up from what they believe was just a very bad storm, Dan and Stephanie prepare for ni’ilaquo’s next move. Then a new player shows up with powers like theirs, but someone they’ve never sensed before. He is a Catholic priest sent from the Vatican to Placerton to help them destroy ni’ilaquo. He belongs to a secret order that’s been fighting pagan gods for centuries and knows exactly how to win their battle.
It sounds like just what they need. Dan and Stephanie know they won the last time mainly through good luck. But something about the priest bothers Dan. He can’t say what exactly, but has to follow his instinct and declines the priest’s help. His instincts are quickly proven correct when Placerton is ripped apart by hatred and violence as citizen is pitted against citizen in the effort to rid the town of “evil.”. Soon even Dan’s friends are turned against him.
Dan and Stephanie must find a way to keep Placerton from tearing itself apart before they can even begin to fight their real enemy. Ni’ilaquo.
action/adventure, fiction, suspense, thriller, horror, fantasy

About Me

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Like all of us, James is a product of his environment.
He was raised in a religious/spiritual family and that spirituality pervades most of his work. He even attended a Catholic Seminary for a year before deciding the priesthood was not for him.
James’ father worked for the phone company as he was growing up, which was much like growing up in a military family. The company transferred his family from town to town every couple of years. By the time he’d graduated high school, they’d moved twenty times. He attended nine different schools in five cities and three states.
He lived mainly in North Dakota until he was eight, since then he lived in Washington and Oregon, moving to Gold Beach when he was sixteen. He finds that the landscape of the Pacific Northwest has done more to influence him than nearly everything else. Its vast forests, rugged mountains, seascapes and sparse population inspire recollections of what the pioneers first fell in love with a century and a half ago. From his house, he can still hike fifteen minutes and spend the entire day without seeing another human being. And the possibility exists that he could see sasquatch.
One of his goals is to build a dark fiction landscape of the Pacific Northwest, much like Stephen King has done with Maine. A landscape of dark possibilities.
When he was a child living in Bismark, North Dakota, his parents took James to Fort Abraham Lincoln, the fort Gen. Custer left on his last, fateful campaign and the Knife River Village, the restored ruins of a Mandan village. Now forty years later, the memories have faded, but not the memory of the impression the visits made on a small boy. Years later, he read Dee Brown’s Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee. After that he devoured everything he could find about Native American history and culture. He came to have a deep sympathy for the Native peoples’ doomed resistance to the white culture and admiration for their cultural connection to the natural world around them. The dominant culture seeks to change and subjugate a nature it sees as an enemy; the Natives sought to live within the natural world as one part of a dynamic whole.
When he was eighteen, James was diagnosed with a severe case of scoliosis. After graduating early from Gold Beach High Schoolin 1978, he underwent surgery that fused most of his lumber spine. Six months in a body cast later, he continued on to college at the University of Oregon, where he earned a degree in English Literature and Creative Writing. Now, forty years after the surgery, his body is beginning to break down a bit. So if you see him and notice he seems to be bent and twisted, you know why.
When he’s not writing, James has worked in the restaurant industry as a cook and as a manager, mostly in the Eugene/Springfield area, but most lately at Gold Beach’s Port Hole Cafe. Looking back, he seems to have a lot of scenes set in restaurants. He enjoy reading, playing an occasional video game, taking his dog for exploratory hikes along the beach or river. He is happily single. (it’s so much less complicated.)

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