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Publish Your First Digital Magazine
Taking You from Concept to Delivery
If you're serious about publishing a digital magazine, then look no further. Publish Your First Digital Magazine is a must-read for all the creatives who are passionate about sharing a message with their audience and looking for innovative ideas, strategies, tools and techniques they can use to do so. Covering flip books, apps, online newsstands and blog-style magazines, you will learn: magazine business fundamentals, how to create an editorial philosophy, how to build an editorial calendar, places where content and images can be found, the different ways a digital magazine can be monetized and the tools that will be necessary for producing a digital publication. Additional topics include: how to effectively use social media to connect with your audience, considerations for setting up a website or blog and search engine optimization techniques that can help improve your magazine's visibility on the Web. For more information, please visit

If you're an author who really wants to sell books, then you've got to create a platform that connects, communicates and builds long-term relationships with your readers online. Online Book Marketing will show you how, providing you with ideas and strategies you can use to effectively brand and promote your book on the Internet (almost) entirely for FREE.

You'll learn how to:
• Maximize your presence online
• Reach a much wider audience
• Increase book sales
• Establish yourself as a credible expert
• Create a trustworthy brand
• Use search engine optimization techniques that will increase your visibility on the Web
• Drive targeted traffic to your website or blog
• Effectively use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube
• Engage readers through articles, newsletters, audio podcasts and videos

Online Book Marketing offers explanations and tips that will help you navigate, decipher and select the best methods you can use to generate online book buzz!

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Lorraine Phillips holds an MBA in business administration, a BS in computer science and an AA in graphic design. She is a creative information technology professional with over twelve years' experience in planning, developing and publishing print, Internet and digital projects. As CEO and founder of 360 Books, she currently coaches and advises publishers, entrepreneurs and business leaders on the best practices for online marketing and promotion through the smart, strategic use of today's technologies; specializing in social media marketing, web content strategy development, branding and design. For more information, you can visit

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