AUTHOR: Phillip Overton

The sun may have set on summer's funniest adventure, but the magic and mayhem from finding a bottle containing someone's birthday wish continues when Anton Rubinski arrives in Lighthouse Bay, where the town's Pastor has just wished his Church away.
Phillip Overton
Phillip Overton


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The Rag Doll Cafe
Winter is here, but something is about to hit Lighthouse Bay harder than any summer storm! Anton Rubinski has just left town. The door it seems has closed on a summer friendship forged over a bottle that granted he and his friends’ every wish come true. Now with no job, no friends and no reason to stay, he heads south on the highway surfing at any beach he finds.

Pastor Mike Gantry may have just wished his Church away. A month after finding a bottle washed up on the shores of Lighthouse Bay, almost every wish he had made for the members of his ailing congregation has come true. Only he never pictured his wish to retire to result in the doors of his small Church having to close for the final time. So what happens when a dread-locked surfer arrives in Lighthouse Bay on the morning of the final Church service? When Pastor Mike learns that Anton was the last person to have found the bottle, is it an answer to prayer? Or does it go down like a bad smell in Church? This truly odd couple are about to learn that when one door closes, another always opens. And you never, ever judge a book by its cover. Welcome to The Rag Doll Cafe, where the coffee is hot, the weather is not, and the conversation is not what you expected.

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Lifelong writer and now author of four novels, Phillip lives in the beachside town of Caloundra on Australia's Sunshine Coast. In between surfing and traveling the country to collect future stories, he is also working on his next novel. A longtime member of the PolkaDotBanner, he was also a Featured Author of the month, (October 2009) for his first book The Long Way Home.




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