AUTHOR: Scott Rezer

Can a soldier's letters renew his widow's love for him even after his death?
Scott Rezer
Scott Rezer


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Love Abideth Still: A Novel of the Civil War

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Shadow of the Mountain: A Novel of the Flood

Published January 28, 2014

Chosen... or delusional? How does one man persevere when he is given a message that will either test the strength of his faith or convince him he has lost his mind?

NOACH BEN-LEMEKH is one of the few men on earth who still worships the One True God. With his barren wife, he leads a simple life as a trader in the provincial city of Beth-Aden, away from the intrigues that infest the capital of the League of Sippar. But when God warns him of the coming Flood, his mission thrusts him into the arena of world affairs. As civil war erupts, a tide of evil arises across the face of the earth around a newly proclaimed lord of the Nephilim... the ill-begotten son of a fallen angelic prince and the seed of a woman. As the world rushes headlong into war and ever-increasing violence, Noach stands between one world's cataclysmic destruction and the promised birth of another to become the second father of mankind.

God never told him though that sin would find him again in the shadow of the mountain…

The Leper King













The Leper King

Published April 9, 2009

King of Jerusalem and Defender of the Holy Sepulcher, Baldwin IV walks the sword’s edge between the intriguing barons of his own Court and the jihad of Islam. Between the two, however, a sinister presence lurks—a heretical society called the Order of Sion that will stop at nothing to see its own dark designs come to fruition. Baldwin is young, innocent, and a military strategist of no small measure. And, he is a leper. In the midst of mounting political 

tensions and war, a mysterious woman unexpectedly befriends the lonely sick king—a woman who claims she is Mary Magdalen.

religion, action/adventure, fiction, ebook, history

About Me

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Scott R. Rezer was born in 1963 in Doylestown, Pennsylvania, and enlisted in the United States Air Force after graduating from high school. He and his wife have two grown children. They live in the Desert Southwest.

He is the author of three books; Shadow of the Mountain: A Novel of the Flood, Love Abideth Still: A Novel of the Civil War, and his first novel, The Leper King, an historical fantasy of the Crusades.

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