AUTHOR: Natalie Tinti

Four best friends muster up the courage to include a fifth girl, one they don’t think is very nice, with some very gratifying results
Natalie Tinti
Natalie Tinti


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Sewing a Friendship
Meeka, Sokron, Jonsy, and Nina were the best of friends and super excited about the start of summer! Their adventure began as they were getting ready for a ‘pink sleepover’ and ran into a girl named Kiki as they were walking through the park. The girls thought she was the meanest girl on the planet. After Kiki made a snide comment that the four girls were not invited to an exciting fashion show, they made a mad-dash to Sokron’s house. There they would figure out, with the help of Sokron’s grandma, how also to participate in this event. When the invitation for the fashion show got stolen by Sokron’s dog, Dogon, the girls chased after him and bumped into Kiki again. With hesitation and some uncertainty, the girls summoned the courage to invite Kiki to join their fashion show team. Back at Sokron’s house, the five girls finished their final preparations and rushed to the show in grandma’s long?as?a-boat motor bike. After the show, the girls felt a strong bond of friendship. Kiki then understood that taking a step towards friendship was better than being alone. All the girls learned that by having the courage to include others you can ‘sew a friendship’.

Finalist 2010 in the Children's Picture Book: Softcover Fiction Category hosted by International Book Awards

Award Winner 2010 in Children's Motivation Category hosted by National Indie Excellence Awards

Pinnacle Book Achievement Award Winner Spring 2010 in Children Category hosted by North American Bookdealers Exchange

Award Winner 2009 in Children – Chapter Book category hosted by Readers Favorite Book Reviews and Award Contest


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About Me

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Natalie Tinti is a student in the fourth grade at the Vintage Hills Elementary School in Southern California. With her passion and talent of illustrating, she has won many awards for her excellence. Back in 2004, as a five-year-old, Natalie won first place for the poster contest at the 4th Annual Artists Event hosted by Great Graphics Bella & Animal Friends of the Valleys. That same year, she achieved first place for the Visual Arts Primary Division at her school for the Reflections theme “A Different Kind of Hero.” In 2007, her art piece was placed in the Promenade Mall at the Youth Art Exhibition hosted by the Temecula Valley Art Council. Recently, Natalie's book, Sewing a Friendship, was awarded a Silver Medal in the 2009 award contest hosted by the nationally recognized Readers Favorite Book Reviews under the Children-Chapter category. In addition, Miss Tinti received a certificate of achievement and was recognized as an honor student at her elementary school.
Since the publication of her book, Sewing A Friendship, Natalie participated in a book reading for the Boys & Girls Club of Temecula . In addition, she presented two readings to the Temecula Valley Taekwondo and to the entire student body of the Vintage Hills Elementary School.
Currently, Natalie is helping to promote the theme “Kindness is Cool” at her elementary school. This includes assisting others by writing gratitude letters to students in response to their kindness. Through these efforts Natalie stresses the importance of friendships and how students should persevere in being nice to everyone.

Natalie's Philosophy
Natalie wrote this children-chapter book, 'Sewing A Friendship," about girls who became wonderful friends, to empower children to use their own talents and imagination, and focus on the importance and power of the true friendships. The characters of this book learn to use their differences to complement each other without any judgments and worked together to sewing a beautiful friendship by creating an awesome pink sleepover. Natalie believes that friendship is one of the important parts of our lives and could be created when we have the courage to include others, and have fun is our way to be the part of the Universe!
The story starts with a group of girls who are all different in their own way of understanding and expressing themselves into the world, but knew how to have fun together. The most unique part of this children book is that each character holds a personality that is real to the world and no matter who you are, you should never be afraid of showing the world who you really are on the inside.
Friendships Forever!
A Pink Sleepover is always magical!

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