AUTHOR: Joy Kaimaparamban

The Azure of Solicitude is an Indian Novel with a lot of myths and strange beliefs of two villagers. Kakkathuruth and Achankara. Kakkathuruthu, one of the villages in which half of the events take place in the novel.
Joy Kaimaparamban
Joy Kaimaparamban


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The Azure of Solicitude
Indian Novel
Kakkathuruthu, one of the villages in which half of the events take place in my novel, was once the dwelling place of all kinds of crows. Then humans came there. The crows behave with intelligence. They can understand the language of people, but cannot speak. People believe that a crow never dies due to old age. That it becomes young at the time of other creatures go back to earth. Once in a year the people perform the death anniversary of the passed out souls. On plantain leaves, they dedicate rice glomerations on the burial place of the dead forefathers and pray them to take the worshipped substance and give back benisons. Crows crowd there in order to take the given eatables. The crows are believed to be the departed souls. Unless crows refuse to take anyone's rice glomerations, she or he would be a sinner.

And some birds like Kalankozhis (Fowls of Yama) are believed to be the predictors of a coming death. Yama is the Deity of death and Kalankozhis are His messengers. That if a Kalankozhi sings the song of death, there would be a soul's departure in the surroundings. Every year in the hottest month, the people pray to Deity Sun for blessings. They want to get decreased the sultriness of the Deity's rays. They want to get increased the crop of paddy cultivation. Worshipping of the Deity Sun is known as Audityapooja or Sooryapooja. And there are the legends of Sabarimala Sri Ayyappan, Vaver and Veluthachan. The beliefs on them are as prominent as of breathtaking among the Keralites. Every year they go to Sabarimala for having the divine sight of Sri Ayyappan, where His Idol is installed. Near His temple Vaver's temple too can be sighted. But Veluthachan's Idol is erected and consecrated in a Church to which people go for worshipping.

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My real name is John Joseph and assumed ‘Joy J. Kaimaparamban’ as the pen name. I was born on October 1939 in a middle class family of Kerala, the south most state of India. After education I became a schoolmaster. Worked in several Kerala government schools teaching English language in middle school classes and retired in 1995. Now residing at Vayalar, a beautiful lakeside village in Alappuzha (Alleppey) district with my wife and two children.

'The Azure of Solicitude' is my first novel in English. My second novel, 'The Ayurvedic Healer' is the story of an Ayurvedic Healer. Ayurveda is an ancient medical science generated in India

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