AUTHOR: Curt Remington

Through this inspiring book, you can develop the tools to strengthen your connection with nature, with other people and with the spiritual realm that surrounds us.
Curt Remington
Curt Remington


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Simple Meditation
A Spiritual Connection for Transforming Your Life
Meditation can help you do much more than just reduce stress. It can activate that inner spiritual part of you that is already calm, content and wise.

Through Simple Meditation, you will discover easy steps to:
Connect with the replenishing peace and beauty of nature
Improve your relationships
Use quantum energy to release blocks to health and happiness
Tap into intuition and psychic abilities
Examine your life and consider its direction
Transform your life
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Curt Remington, a writer and nature photographer, has trained extensively in meditation, clairvoyance, energy healing, and he has a bachelor’s degree in business management. Curt spends his free time in the mountains and islands of the Pacific Northwest, seeking out the solitude and beauty of nature.



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