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This rich book will get you loaded with utmost freight of opulent well-being and potent flight to the dimension of a state of good fortune especially of greater achievements and financial success.
Anyaele Sam Chiyson
Anyaele Sam Chiyson


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It is TIME to Get Very RICH
The Entrepreneurial and Executive Intelligence You Need to Be in Business for Yourself and Be Very Rich.
In this Information, Telecommunication and Globalization Age that is transforming so rapidly into greater Wisdom Age, there is an urgent mandate to live beyond the tradition of working a whole month for a cheque. You can not afford to exempt yourself from the most powerful institution on the planet; working for someone else all your life. You can not afford to trade your time for anything when everything is coming up roses for your mates who are making great strides through inculcating information and knowledge with purpose and principles, to roll in money passively. In this masterpiece, It is TIME to Get Very RICH, Author of The Best-Selling Knowledge Book: The Sagacity of Sage, Anyaele Sam Chiyson takes you beyond the main thing, processes, practices, dealings and even the competence that forms part of your daily life, to get you loaded with principles, ideas, revolution, trend and effectiveness you need to be in business for yourself and be on top of things, on the financial systems that drive the progress of human race. Connoting an exceptional meaning and resonating to an exceptional vibration, this book will teach you how to develop the knowledge, attitude and skill intelligence you need to crown yourself with entrepreneurial and executive intelligence for a successful business and passive income. It is a book for everyone who wants to work once to make money over and over again. You do not need to roam the streets looking for jobs that are obviously never going to go round, or spend the rest of your life working for someone else; you will never get rich as an employee. The road map you need to be in business for yourself, the timing intelligence you will ever need to exhibit the excellence of your executive and entrepreneurial intelligence, and roll in money, in every relevant occasion is in this richly business-success book. You can be distinguished by self-sustaining riches that are extremely enjoyable and impressive. You can be full of exceptional intelligence and the real secrets of being very rich, from the master in works of wealth and wisdom. These are secrets that you do not learn at any school, including business school and ordinary people cannot teach you, no matter how hard they make valiant attempt. This rich book will get you loaded with utmost freight of opulent of opulent well-being and potent flight to the dimension of a state of good fortune especially of greater achievements and financial success. No matter where you are in this day and age, getting very rich in every area of your life is easily available for you now – It is TIME to Get Very RICH, in view of the fact that, the proper moment to roll in money is now.

Anyaele Sam Chiyson is an internationally respected best-selling author, relationship authority, life coach, leadership expert, inspirational teacher, business and personal development consultant, who has created lots of business and raised authors of credibility. This trained computer scientist and electrical/electronics engineer (Alumnus: University of Calabar and Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University, Bauchi-Nigeria respectively) is the Chairman/CEO, of Chiysonovelty International, and Founder/COO, of Chiysonovelty Intellectuals Advancement Alliance. He is a seasoned advocate of higher life and graceful sage who has made a happy, healthy and totally-fulfilled life teaching his life's work. Chiyson is the author of several acclaimed books, including THE SAGACITY OF SAGE, which is endorsed by many influential men in the United States of America as a work of bold initiative and inspiration. He was recently awarded coveted Platinum Unlimited Expert Author by the United States based first-class and top-leading article website. He believes in principles-centered maturity and doing things right in a rightful relationship.

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Anyaele Sam Chiyson is trained Computer Scientist, and Trained Electrical/Electronics Engineer, Creative Author, Poet, Publisher, Founder & Chairman,CEO-Chiysonovelty International, Life Coach, Leadership/Relationship/Motivational/Financial Speaker, Businessman.

A Writer, Computer Scientist, Leadership expert, Marriage Counselor, Business Consultant; an Electrical/Electronics engineer, Info-&-Entrepreneur is the Founder/CEO of Chiysonovelty International. He has created businesses and raised authors of credibility. He has authored works of wealth and wisdom including a Best-Selling Knowledge Book - The Sagacity of Sage. He is also a Motivational/Inspirational/Financial speaker; an immortal who believes in inspiring all and sundry live a healthy, happy and totally-fulfilled life.

Anyaele Sam Chiyson is eminently on the information bank of Champions of the Centuries. He is a person of mark, who has made his mark and manifested the analytical perfectionism of inventing new ways of doing anything. Born in the Elephant city of Aba, grew up in the French city of Lome, Togo and Black star city of Accra, Ghana; Chiyson is a true African.Educated at the University of Calabar, and Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University Bauchi, he holds degrees in Computer Science from UNICAL; and Electrical/Electronics Engineering from ATBU, Bauchi.
A Motivational/Financial Speaker, Leadership Expert, Poet, Author, Publisher and a youth who believes in inspiring all and sundry to live a healthy, happy and totally-fulfilled life. As a business consultant, his passion, progress and prospects gave him a shot in the arm to incorporate and establish Chiysonovelty International, a business management & publishing services, consultancy firm and operating in areas of bookshop, creative designs, printing/publishing, executive training and professional website development, and hosting services. He has raised authors of credibility, who are ruling their world in this day and age.

A scholar of supremacy, popularly known as an aristocrat who has affinity for Greek words and affirmative to creating new words and theories that gives lives a new meaning. His inspiration, determination, enthusiasm, ability and skills are enough on the ball that is giving the general public what it takes to be on top of things. His masterwork and sagacity is veracity every nations needs! His books, e-books and articles are prime of primrose and pride of paragon, of elite websites worldwide. As an International Author, Anyaele Sam

Chiyson has authored so many works of wisdom. His work: The Sagacity of Sage,is a world best-seller available at and other global outlets. His New Wealth Theory, ANYAELE SAM CHIYSON'S WEALTHY POUND-SIGN THEORY is making one and all wealthy.One of his numerous quotes, "Believe you can fly so high on the eagle's wings and elucidate the soupcon of susurration, buzz, fizzle, whiz and silver-lining façade of the cloud even if the earth is in a blaze, the world on a maze, the sphere in a raze and the inhabitants laze away"; have made many, leaders of change to their families, neighborhood, homeland and the human race by leading revolution, evolution and transformation of this generation that is for impactation, certification and recognition.

Chiyson enjoys adventure, praying, reading, writing, soul-winning, traveling, impacting lives, empowering youths, raising new authors, spending quality time with people of like-mind, businesslike, information technology and engineering-related activities. He believes Marriage is very Beautiful and life is worth living very well.

He was recently awarded the highly coveted Platinum Unlimited Expert Author status by the United States based first-class and leading article website.
His work - The Sagacity of Sage is more than a book and a must-read for every man and woman!

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