AUTHOR: C. C. Cole

A dark fantasy series: Children born and bred for battle face the enemy outside the great wall of the Great City of Gastar. Shevata, a small human girl assassin and her dragon mentor, fight for existence.
C. C. Cole
C. C. Cole


Book 1

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Act of Redemption
First Book of the Gastar Series
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ccCole-ActofRedemptionIn a post-apocalyptic world with humans faced extinction as the priests of the God of the Dead release undead humans, children born and bred for battle face the enemy outside the great wall of the Great City of Gastar. After the humans gained victory in sacrifice of many lives and culture, a second menace arrives to complete the original mission of the undead. Zermon, ruler of all Hell, places himself just outside the city; bringing forth his own demonic horrors with plans to make Gastar part of his world in Hell. One human now remains in Gastar; knowing of the past and aware of Zermon's plans; a small human girl assassin named Shevata. She, along with her dragon mentor, her associates from the past, and the humans fight for their very existence.





After two centuries, the City of Gastar grows and thrives since the devastating years of a prolonged war and invasion of a demon lord. Two centuries later, dark forces from its past emerge to achieve their own gains. Unknown to the citizens of Gastar, the evil boy Goldeon plans to manipulate creatures under his control to topple the existing leadership. Shevata, his long time enemy, finds herself propelled from tracking him in hell back into the city by unlikely allies. The city is now the place where old scores between the two powerful children will be settled, with the people unknowingly wedged between their secret war. Who is the greatest risk to the people, Goldeon and his army of creatures, Shevata, an assassin with a horrific curse, or the war between the two? Follow Shevata as she faces her enemies and realizes the important role of humanity driven by a touching love story and considers the consequences of her own past actions.



science fiction fantasy
young adult, fantasy

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C. C. Cole is a writer from rural Mississippi. Schooled in medicine and martial arts, she lives a surburban life with her family and greyhounds.



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