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The Sacred Art of Anointing is about the spiritual dimension of aromatherapy and how essential oils have been used for thousands of years in spiritual and religious ceremony!
Allison Stillman
Allison Stillman


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The Sacred Art of Anointing
Anointing is an ancient sacred art with a very elusive history. In addition to the use of essential oils for healing, aromatics have been used for religious and spiritual ceremony in many traditions over thousands of years.
This book is a comprehensive guide to the sacred art of anointing as practiced in ancient temples and churches around the world and includes extensive information about essential oils, crystals and the energy centers of the body and how anointing can benefit the body, mind and spirit.
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Allison Stillman is an aromatic alchemist and the author of "The Sacred Art of Anointing", and considered one of the world's leading authorities on the religious and spiritual dimension of aromatherapy.
Her book is featured in the Harvard Theological Library, and she has taught workshops across the country, with articles in magazines and radio shows around the world.
Ms. Stillman was also featured in the book by Marci Shimoff, "Love for No Reason".



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