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Life is not a snapshot, so why do we live it that way? Start living ‘in purpose’ and start living courageously from your heart! I offer you only my story; walk with me…
Tim Young
Tim Young


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A Journey out of the midnight of my soul
What story is your life telling? Is it a mess? Is it lonely and difficult? I don’t want to presume to know what your situation may or may not be, but I can tell you that there is a God who can and will restore the years life has stolen from you. If Heartstone has any message that can resonate with you it is that “You are not alone!” Come and take a journey with me through the pages of my personal failure, defeat, lost expectations, and my final devastation. Heartstone is a story about a people who faced the giants that we all face, and the keys God gave them (and has given each of us) to deal with those giants and turn theirs and our broken solitude into a field of dreams. The truth of God’s word is that He has already written the story of your life. It is time for you to read that story and find your road home. God’s truth is that He has a plan for you that is good and not for evil. A plan where you win in the end. Let Heartstone be the beginning of your journey home. This time the happy ending will be your own. He wants you to have a beautiful ending! He wants you to live courageously from your heart!
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