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A collection of eclectic poetry that touches upon numerous aspects of life including love, loss, betrayal, pain and joy.
Ashley Fontainne
Ashley Fontainne


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Ramblings of a Mad Southern Woman
A Collection of Short Stories and Poetry on Life, Love, Loss and Longing
A collection of eclectic poetry that touches upon numerous aspects of life including love, loss, betrayal, pain and joy. These poems will touch your heart and soul in a variety of ways. Followed by a collection of short stories that delve into childhood fears, revenge, rage and redemption, each one will move you from one emotional state to another.

“A Profound Reading Experience

Ashley Fontainne, a gifted writer of popular mystery and suspense thrillers, has written a book of poetry and short stories. To be able to master the different skill sets it takes to write in different genres speaks volumes for this author's talent. If we don't watch out, Ms. Fontainne will be repainting the Sistine Chapel next.

The reader can easily identify with Ms. Fontainne's poetry. It is a moving and profound experience, with a kaleidoscope of emotions; sometimes exploding rage, sometimes haunting and plaintive, often times lyrical, spiritually uplifting, and joyful. Ms. Fontainne takes the reader into a private world of her journeys and those of others she has known. The poems are like polished gems that you have to experience for yourself. I will just name a few of my favorites: "Sunrise, Sunset", "Words" and "That Is Who I Am".

Kudos to Ms. Fontainne for also exhibiting a dexterity in writing short stories. Her inner voice comes through loud and clear as if she is a medium for the people she writes about and their past wounds, emotional scars, betrayals, victories, journeys, vengeance, love and salvation. Ms. Fontainne's acute eye for detail serves her well as she meticulously sets the stage for each of her short stories, and reels you in like a magnet so you will be rooted to your seat until you have read them all. Whether it's the little girl's nightmare, or a young girls tortured journey, or a horrific tale of abuse, her gripping stories are riveting to the end.” – author Joanna Lee Doster

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"Ms. Fontainne (aka, Princess of Suspense) in her writings has a stupendous ability to reach down into your gut – to draw up the deepest emotions from your inner soul…emotions of love, empathy, fear, and revenge. Not afraid to proclaim her religious values, she inserts her loving spirit into a story creating emotional rapture… ‘How 9/11 Saved My Dad’ and ‘Who is Michael?’ come to mind.

When writing tales that involve revenge surrounded by suspense, Ms. Fontainne spares no mercy for the antagonist, as you will witness in ‘Stained Concrete’. With her short story, ‘Death By Shadow’ she manages to stir up terrifying childhood nightmares to which there is no escape. In ’Smoldering Ashes’, the author delivers a fierce tale of pain and torment followed by redemption that ‘one’ will not soon forget.

Ms Fontainne’s poetry is like experiencing a fine wine with an exquisite meal. Her words will take the reader on a journey through their darkest days of melancholy, and then release them into a world of spirited bliss.

‘Ramblings of a Mad Southern Woman’ is a powerful, and emotional voyage – a golden ticket from the award winning writer, Ashley Fontainne."

Review by Barbara Watkins, author
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My earliest memories from childhood are of reading. Growing up as an only child, I found solace from the lonely times in books. I believe, at one time, I owned every Nancy Drew book available, and read them all numerous times. During those early years of my life, I became hooked into the world of mystery and suspense. I began to write poetry and short stories in high school, although I rarely shared my musings except to a few select friends and one lovely English teacher. It was a beautiful release for me to scribble down my thoughts in a journal, whether the words stemmed from joyous events or tragic ones.?

As I grew, I discovered Stephen King, James Patterson, Robin Cook and John Grisham. I fell in love with all of their works, especially those of Stephen King. The way that gifted man strings words together is nothing short of amazing. By the time high school rolled around and I was introduced to classical literature, I was thoroughly addicted to the written word, especially thrillers that tugged at the heart strings.

Out of all the great classical texts that deal with revenge, the one that became a part of me, and what inspired me to pen Accountable to None, was The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexander Dumas. The physical and emotional pain suffered by Edmund Dantes left me an emotional wreck. His calculated plans against all those that used him as a pawn in their life-altering game fascinated me. Edmund's transformation from the meek, mild-mannered gentleman into a revenge-fueled creature is truly a dark glimpse into the ravaged remains of a ruined mind.

Revenge for injustices perpetrated upon us is a tightly interwoven thread of the human condition. Responding to immoral acts in a violent manner has been a part of society since the beginning of time. The only thing that has changed over the centuries is the means by which an avenger might seek to accomplish their redemptive plans.

Accountable to None was written as an homage to Dumas' masterpiece. Set in modern day Phoenix, Arizona, the book centers around the upper management of a large, successful accounting firm, Winscott & Associates. I chose to set the scene at an accounting firm since, according to the most incredible words ever put on paper, the Holy Bible, the love of money is the root of all evil. Corporate greed is showcased through the actions of those that run the company. The heroine suffers unimaginable pain and vows to seek revenge, which she ultimately achieves after years of plotting and planning.

I wanted to take the entire revenge motif to the next level in the sequels, Zero Balance and Adjusting Journal Entry. Sometimes, we tend to cheer and root for the avenging underdog, especially when they finally achieve their long awaited revenge. However, rarely are the after effects explored once the revenge is completed. My hope is that after reading these novels, someone contemplating vengeful acts upon another will give pause and reflect on the unfathomably? high price of revenge.



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