AUTHOR: Richard Brown

The sinking of the Titanic with an added twist of zombie mayhem.
Richard Brown
Richard Brown


Book 1

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Titanic with ZOMBIES
This is the story...
of a shipbuilder who designed the greatest ocean liner ever imagined.
of a captain on the final voyage of his long and distinguished career.
of a crew dedicated to the safety and well-being of all passengers.
of an unsinkable woman who stood up when everyone told her to sit down.
Oh, and there's an infection that turns hundreds of passengers into violent, flesh-eating ghouls.

That's right. This ain't no love story.

This is the story of the Titanic with ZOMBIES.

All aboard. It's about to go down!
suspense thriller

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Richard is the author of two novels, Titanic with Zombies & The Gift of Illusion, and a collection of poetry called The Rebirth. When he’s not banging his head on the keyboard trying to make sentences out of words, he enjoys spending time with his family, studying philosophy, watching mixed martial arts, singing his face off, and generally being a know-it-all.



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