AUTHOR: Donna Fontenot

Raya writes blog posts for true crime websites. An article about a 20-year-old murder causes images and sounds to flash through her mind. Did she witness it when she was 5 years old? Her investigation gets her too close for a killer's comfort.
Donna Fontenot
Donna Fontenot


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The Grave Blogger
The scenic bayous and small towns of South Louisiana hold hidden dangers beyond those you might expect - in a tangled tale of mystery and suspense.

Raya, a freelance writer and blogger, researches cold cases for true crime websites. One case in particular, the Bayou Family Slaughter case, stirs macabre memories, but are they real or imagined? Determined to uncover the truth, she heads to the small town of St. Felicity to investigate the 20-year old Bayou Family Slaughter case.

Raya gets help from Nick Simoneaux, a young St. Felicity detective who is also investigating the cold case, but is Nick hiding family secrets from Raya? Is there anyone in St. Felicity she can trust, or is a murderer still living in this quaint old town - waiting and watching?

As Raya reveals St. Felicity's secrets, she uncovers the mysteries of her own past, leading to dangers that threaten not only her own existence, but the lives of those she loves most.

THE GRAVE BLOGGER is a fast-paced, riveting suspense thriller from an exciting new author. Donna D. Fontenot draws on her own experiences as a blogger and Louisiana Cajun to create a tense mystery filled with engaging characters in a setting that draws the reader in with its unique beauty and hidden dangers.
fiction, suspense, mystery, thriller

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Donna Fontenot grew up fishing in the bayous of South Louisiana. Her Cajun heritage and blogging background combine beautifully to create rich and interesting stories.



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