AUTHOR: Mary Aris

A far-away land...a king...a queen...a secret prayer...a beautiful evil magician...a daring brave prince...a dragon...a saga...surround yourself in its magic!
Mary Aris
Mary Aris


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Princess Rose
Princess Rose is a story about a pair of Monarchs living in Carlisle who were unhappy because they were both of age and still had no child of their own. Saddened by this fact, the queen poured out her heart in sorrow; but her prayers were heard and answered by seven blithe sisters calling themselves the Moonbeam Fairies. Happiness was restored in the Kingdom but not for long, for the Princess was kidnapped by the King’s Evil Magician....the diabolical Astroscuisnov (Pronounced ASTRO SHUS NOV).

 Once upon a time, in a far-away land lived an old king and his queen. They were a happy couple and were well-loved by their subjects. Yet, in spite of their happiness, there was a sadness that ailed them. The queen, getting on in years, desired a child and the king wanted a Royal heir to sit on his throne. One night, the Queen, in her distress poured out her heart and soul in front of the Gilded Pond. To her surprise her pleas were heard, for the Moonbeam Fairies carried her prayers to the Celestial Queen and shortly after a little princess was born that was the joy of all. All was joyful in the kingdom of Carlisle until an evil Magician concocted an evil plot to gain the crown and become king of Carlisle himself at the cost of Princess Rose. Only a miracle can rescue the princess and the kingdom of Carlisle from the evil clutches of Astroscuiousnov.




young adult, fantasy

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I am an Independent author and poetess. My first book, Melodies of the Heart, was published in 2008 by It is a collectionn of twenty-nine poems on the subject of love. Princess Rose, my first fiction book was published a year later. I am an avid reader and love to write. I worked as a Library assistant for twenty years at the West New York Public Library.

I compose and publish poems through My Allpoetry Id is The Goldenpen. Two of my poems, 'Phoenix Rising' and 'Fire in the Sky' written in memory of the victims of the World Trade Center bombing, were published in the local newspaper, The Jersey Journal.

Apart from writing, I also enjoy crafting, cooking and reading. I live with my husband, Alexander in Oxford, England.



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