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Beyond this point is a magical world full of shadows, Twiskers, dragon fireflies, and dreadful darkness. Only brave individuals should, dare, to read this book. ENTER AT YOUR RISK.
Ivory Autumn
Ivory Autumn


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Rise of the Fallen
Andrew and the Quest of Orion's Belt Book one

All ANDREW GRIGGS had anticipated on the day of his sixteenth birthday, was to grow one year older, and perhaps wiser. However, with it came death, fire, slavery, and whole new identity. Gifted with a compass, a cryptic letter, and a map, questions about Andrew's past, his future and his true lineage haunt him. Forced to work in the dark mines of Nookpot, alone, with only his friends, TALIC and FREDDIE, for company, Andrew risks his life to save dozens of slaves like himself, only to be thrown into a confusing web of trouble, and incriminated as a killer. A plant killer---someone who could cause famine, destroy entire crops of grain and turn giant trees into sticks of dry wood. Sentenced to death, Andrew discovers life, new purpose, and a chance to prove his worth. Laden with a huge task, Andrew sets out, with the help of his friends, to keep The Fallen from heralding in the darkest age of history known to mankind. 
ANDREW AND THE QUEST OF ORION'S BELT, Rise of the Fallen, is an epic tale that will appeal to fantasy fans who love the adventure of delving into magical worlds filled with great opposition, populated with brave souls and clever characters.

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