What was the cause of the great deluge that has been recorded throughout the world? What connection does it have with the end of the Ice Age that followed? Interesting that these known factors coincide with the supposed sinking of Atlantis.
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Atlantis, the Deluge and the End of the Ice Age

“Woe to the children of Tau. The Great City shall crack. 

All wisdom lost to deep cold. The 3X4 shall crush its' flowers. Amber glow will dim and become as night. White webs break connections. Gold and silver birds fall from the sky. The multicolored will become as burned. The naked clothed in foam. To all pain a hundred fold mirror shall be received. The wise become ignorant and the ignorant wise. Clear bones melt. Caverns of silence grow noisy. The cities of Dolon are no more."

This first part of the prophecy of Ket-zal sets a dramatic tone for the future of Atlantis, but it didn't start out that way.

"The early Atlanteans loved to party, and they were especially enamored of the many festivities they held. Food was so plentiful that no one ever went hungry, and these festivals were perfect opportunities to feed and show off cooking prowess. A prowess that was continuously being expanded, by combining foods and adding various herbs and seasonings. Food and the eating of it was central to Atlantean Society. 

Music was simple percussion (drums, rattles) and flute playing. Stringed instruments were unknown. Many of the festivals were significantly enhanced by drum beating. 

The idea of wealth had not yet occurred to the Atlanteans. Everyone shared what was available. Even the excessive wealth of the Adepts was often returned to those who needed it. There would be an annual "Sharing Out" of the excess goods the Adepts had acquired. This was always held during the end days of the year." 

A large part of the tone for the early part of Atlantean history was set by a single man. But even the greatest and most loved leaders must eventually give way to the passage of time.

"Upon E-osu's death, the Dolphins began to make a beautiful, harmonic clicking. Something no Atlantean had ever seen or heard before. E-osu's spirit had been received into the Dolphin spiritual collective. E-osu was physically dead, but his spirit and all his memory would remain in the collective as long as this branch of Dolphins continued to breed, exist and the collective remained intact. By joining this spirit congress, E-osu would always be aware of everything happening in Atlantis, so long as the Dolphins remained in contact with them."

As history marches on, in all cultures, there are changes and there is always someone there to take advantage of weakening boundaries.

"Malis, despite his arrogance and general disdainful and condescending attitude, did have his supporters. E-osu's former influence over the crystal practitioners was waning. A growing number of the young Adepts wanted to be treated with greater deference by the rest of the people. They no longer wanted to share out the large amount of goods that they were accruing. They wanted to embrace this philosophy of superiority engendered by Malis within their ranks."

As change comes to all nations, many do their utmost to preserve what is good and decent, but growth often requires a time of chaos to cleanse even the best of times if they become stagnant.

"Karos had a vision in his sleep. Atlantis was drowning. The crystals were cracking. E-osu had appeared to him in this dream and told him to: "save Atlantis before it was too late." Karos was deeply depressed. The Adepts had lost the love of their people. Malis was on the march. The country was devastated by hunger and thirst. Some of the people had turned to Amalek for help. Even many of his own Adepts and several Great Council members as well had turned to Amalek. He would have to try to put a end to this, but it was already too late."

Book One: Paradise chronicles the first thousand years history of the land known as Atlantis! Learn the history of one of the most speculated periods of time in our history! 

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