AUTHOR: Pepper Blair

Written with heirloom quality, these readable poems possess the hallmarks of elevation and style. The words within are as fresh today as yesterday and should still speak with significance even beyond their shelf life.
Pepper Blair
Pepper Blair


Book 1

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Beautiful by Firelight
a collection of poetry by Pepper Blair
Beautiful by FirelightPepper Blair, a pure poet, has versified on a wide range of life themes. Literally hundreds (if not thousands) of works have been produced over the years. Pepper could be defined as a natural (even inspired) writer whose pages can be appreciated by many.

Truly timeless and universal in appeal, Blair's lines perhaps should not be ascribed to the biography of a single individual. Is it not sometimes enhancing to let the reader form an (even idealized) image of the author? Words are spirit (especially good poetry), and to reduce them to the product of human vanity would lessen their collective virtue.

Suffice it to say, Pepper Blair's poems are original works, composed by the hand of one who has loved the same earth and sky as have all people, regardless of their personal histories.

BOOK #2:  Sharing in the Candlelight

This book and Beautiful by Firelight, it could be said, are like two wings of the same high-flying dove. Companion books, they address the sentiments of love and take verse to an elevation author Pepper Blair is noted for.

Sharing in the Candlelight showcases shorter poems, the essence of which can move like spirit on the wind. When works are concise enough to be remembered in the heart, they cannot be lost or destroyed, but can live forever by virtue of the spoken word. Perhaps they may even be bettered over time in the process.

First and foremost an art form, poetry has existed since human expression began. Many have been, are, and will be compelled to speak. As for the rest of would only be gracious that we should listen.


BOOK #3: I Shall Not Forget the Story

"...In this book, Pepper Blair shares stories set to poetry. You will find these short poems endearing and will anticipate their endings..."

42 pages

*Mobi, Epub, and PDF formats!

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In a providential period of five years to the date, two thousand and forty were created. Concerning this, Blair once remarked, "I know not how or why, but inspiration came one early spring, stayed through twenty seasons, then departed from me as abruptly as it had arrived. I will consider this time a blessing the rest of my days."



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