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Victoria Warren Jackson
Not Just Us
A young mother of two is infected with HIV. As life changes, her sister gets placed in an unexpected position. When one life enda another begins.
V.R. Christensen
Of Moths and Butterflies
Like an insect in a collection, can a woman captured and acquired learn to love the man who has bought her?
Stacey Ballis
Out to Lunch
Foodie fiction about a chef who loses her best friend, but gains custody of her best friend's annoying husband! A novel with recipes.
Eve Gaal
Penniless Hearts
Graphic artist escapes to Hawaii to find love but encounters lots of trouble before finding her inner strength amid a humorous turn of events. When the fantasy fades, does love prevail? Read Penniless Hearts and take a fun journey into your heart!
mathew turner
Poe: A tale of love and blood
What would happen if Edgar Allan Poe did not die in 1849 but instead was turned into a vampire?
Follow this tale of our friend Edgar in modern day as he struggles to find love once again.
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Mary Aris
Princess Rose
A far-away land...a king...a queen...a secret prayer...a beautiful evil magician...a daring brave prince...a dragon...a saga...surround yourself in its magic!
martin fruchtman
Pyramid of Skulls: A Novel of Timur
The story re-imagines the reign of Timur (Tamerlane)and delves into the tumultuous world of barbaric conquests that kept the blood flowing during the 15th century.
Brick Marlin
Raising Riley
Riley Lewis stands atop an enormous cliff with an abusive father, teenage bullies, and the demon inside the closet all ready to shove him over the edge. When he reaches his limits will he finally break free of the terror that threatens to consume him
Tina Ann Forkner
Ruby Among Us
Set in the lush vineyards of present and past Sonoma Valley, Ruby Among Us weaves a story of three generations of women and the memory that binds their hearts together.
A. Colin Wright
Sardinian Silver
How many young people have dreamt of self and sexual discovery in a far off, exotic place? Arthur Fraser, the main character of Sardinian Silver, not only dreamt of it, he realized his dream.