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David Szymanowski
Kristi Loucks
A Life Interrupted
Jared BelaForte runs an elite task force set up to stop trafficker Sergei Dolenov. But, Dolenov gets to him first. After 2 years, Jared turns up in a local ER. Can he put the pieces together before Dolenov returns and keep his team & family safe?
Joseph Rinaldo
A Mormon Massacre
Based on the murder of 150 Arkansan emigrants on their way to California, this novel shows how power can drive men mad and cause them to choose paths that lead to their own destruction, but not before destroying the lives of those around them.
Wodke Hawkinson
A rape victim who escapes into the wilderness. A reclusive man living a solitary life in the Colorado forest. Their lives will never be the same.
Dennis Gelbaum
Beyond Reasonable Doubt
To get his hands on his family fortune, Jason Warren has to prove DNA evidence convicting his stepfather of his mother's murder was wrong. Jason sets out to challenge the International scientific community and the American judicial system.
Will Belford
Blood and Blitzkrieg
1940: As the Allied defences collapse in the Blitzkrieg, Lieutenant Joe Dean fights a desperate rearguard action. Cut off from his regiment, he flees through occupied territory, striving for Dunkirk. Will he escape?
John Meyer
Bulls, Bands, and London
"Bulls, Bands, and London" is a fictional travel memoir that combines an unpredictable love story with a spirited adventure through the rock 'n' roll wonderland of London and thrilling Pamplona during its San Fermin Festival.
Mark Barry
Borderline Personality Disorder sufferer and released mental patient, John Dexter, falls in love with Carla, a fresh- faced environmental student and part-time barmaid, the first time he sees her. He should walk away, but he doesn't.
Renate M Bell
Chasing Bees
After her husband's death, Faye Lawson realizes death is an illusion, a mystery of time and relocation, but not an end. With a telepathic link to a child and an attraction to his father, will Faye move forward or cling to the past?
H.L. Cherryholmes
Come Back for Me
For the sake of the sister who needs them, three long lost brothers join forces and piece together the circumstances of their childhood. At every turn, pieces of the puzzle bring them closer to finding their sister—and finding themselves.

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