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Carol Silvis
101 Ways to Connect With Customers, Chiefs, and Coworkers
In tough economic times, it takes determination and hard work to get a job. The good news is that companies do hire mature workers. Job Hunting After 50 will give people the information they need to carry out an effective job search.
Lorii Myers
3 Off the Tee: Make it Happen
If you are confident that you have done the work, know what you want, and deserve that chance—why settle?
Chris Makell
A Smack Upside The Head
Ignite the passion and profits in your business!

Discover the insiders guide for the business owner combines self-discover, timeless business strategies and a proven system to ensure you achieve blazing business success.
Steve DiGioia
Earn More Tips On Your Very Next Shift...Even If You're a Bad Waiter
Waiters, are you tired of working your butt off in restaurant after restaurant & never really making the money you deserve? Are you tired of not getting the BIG tips you want? Tips of 20% or more on every table? So what are you going to do about it?
Danny Singh
Finance 101: The Whiz Kid's Perfect Credit Guide
Profits Are Donated To The Children’s National Medical Center. This book is meant to help consumers fight all types of financial problems just as Danny Singh fights for his mother including avoiding a foreclosure and fixing credit.
Richard Osgood
Grow A Business
A MUST READ for anyone considering starting and growing a profitable business, revitilizing a wilting one. Grow a Business – Plant Today! A straightforward approach to starting a small business and growing it to profitability.
Anyaele Sam Chiyson
It is TIME to Get Very RICH
This rich book will get you loaded with utmost freight of opulent well-being and potent flight to the dimension of a state of good fortune especially of greater achievements and financial success.
Michael Allen
Leaving Addie for SAM
Leaving Addie For SAM- A must read for those who are ready and willing to let go of outdated methods and processes.
JP Jones
Market Yourself
Market Yourself: A Beginner’s Guide to Social Media explores all the big dogs of social media, breaking down each account into an understandable and easy to manage marketing tool.
Rudy Waldner
Marketing from the Trenches
Marketing from the Trenches is a must read for every retail business owner, manager, and entrepreneur. Through anecdotes, real experiences, and documented growth trends, the book reveals to the reader proven methods that will grow their business.
Carrie Vanston
MINITRENDS: How Innovators & Entrepreneurs Discover & Profit From Business
Learn how to discover and exploit Minitrends--emerging trends that will pay off in 2-5 years, but are not yet widely recognized--for profit and fun.
Lorraine Phillips
Publish Your First Digital Magazine
Hugh Liddle
Selling For Fun and Profit
A book that helps people make more sales, earn more money and create a pleasant, fun experience for salesperson and prospect alike.
Valerie McGilvrey
Skip Trace Secrets
Revealing tricks & secrets to finding someone with concise directions from a seasoned professional investigator providing advantage with big results. Invaluable tactics delve into information and resources not available in any other book.
Frank J. Eberhart, CEP®, RFC®
the sexy little book of finance III
SILVER AWARD WINNER business/economics
Nominated Finalist for book of the year-5 star review Readers
Life Planning 11.99
"A book you cannot afford not to own"
Get it done...

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