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Alexander Harms
Dr. Nell Rodgers
Beyond Best
"Doc Nell" has spent most of her life learning about how humans function; what makes us behave and respond.
Marie Sarantakis
Essentially Raw
This no nonsense guide will answer your basic questions, teach you the fundamental benefits of pure food, and provide you with ten days worth of raw vegan recipes. Life is too short not to eat raw and it's even shorter if you don't.
Claire Power Murphy
Preserved to Serve, Towards the 144,000, and The 8 Laws of Health with Recipes
The Restoration Trilogy:

Winner of 5 diversified awards, Preseved to Serve
is a spellbinding semi-autobiographical tale of triumph over repeated adversities!

Towards the 144,000, and,

The 8 Laws of Health with Recipes
Tonia Boterf
Real Life Solutions
The guide for "what comes next" when your aging parents have lost their capacity to care for their own personal needs on a daily basis.
Deborah Slappey Pitts
Shadow Living
Deborah Slappey Pitts is the author of Booking Matters national bestseller and Infini literary award winner, I Feel Okay, a heart-wrenching account of love, loss, and inspiration. In her sequel, Shadow Living: Paintings of Grief, Pitts chronicles he
Gordon Burgett
Surviving Prostate Cancer
Tells those lucky guys "chosen" to have prostate cancer what it feels like at every step of their treatment and recovery. What runs through their mind and urethra.
Allison Stillman
The Sacred Art of Anointing
The Sacred Art of Anointing is about the spiritual dimension of aromatherapy and how essential oils have been used for thousands of years in spiritual and religious ceremony!
Dixie Fremont-Smith Coskie
A mother's narrative of perseverance following her son's traumatic brain injury, UNTHINKABLE is filled with universal lessons of struggle and triumph. Following each chapter of the harrowing journey are vital insights to assist others through their tragedies.