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C. C. Cole
Act of Redemption
A dark fantasy series: Children born and bred for battle face the enemy outside the great wall of the Great City of Gastar. Shevata, a small human girl assassin and her dragon mentor, fight for existence.
Cheyene M. Lopez
Alabama Raising
I took the idea of this book with Alabama's past history and combined it with a fictional future of a man who brings the past legacy and future together.
Paul Vincent
Astronomicon: The Beginning
3 Space craft, 240 colonists, 25 trillion miles and an unexpected discovery that changes everything. Following the human race's intrepid first steps into interstellar space, a one-way colonisation mission to Proxima Centauri.
Robert Clark
Blade of Iron
Technology fails and our earth is invaded by creatures from Fairie. One family may have the only weapon, an ancient iron dagger, capable of defeating the leader of the invasion.
Ash Krafton
Bleeding Hearts
Sophie Galen is saving the world one damned person at a time...the shy advice columnist-turned-oracle must find a way to save her tragic demivampire lover from the fate that threatens each of his entire race: evolution and the loss of his soul.
Sean Benham
Son of Satan and Grandson of the Messiah, Billy Lopez was born with a sordid lineage, an ancestry that has been veiled since birth. Now, he’s a wanted man, forced to flee the only life he has ever known… and where he’s headed isn’t pretty.
Katie Jennings
Breath of Air
Her name was Capri, and she was Air.
She could control the wind and create clouds out of nothing. She belonged to a group of beings responsible for the balance of nature. After years of being lost she had at last been found and taken home.
C.C. Cole
Children of Discord
Shevata searches for the evil treacherous boy Goldeon, who assisted the enemy in the fall of Gastar. The growing city has forgotten much of the it's dark history, and the clash of the two dangerous children place the unknowing people in danger.
Melissa Marmino
Daughter of the Force
This is a Star Wars alternative story. Anakin still becomes Darth Vader, and comes across a young woman, born similar to him.
Keta Diablo
Decadent Deceptions
Daring and desperate to win Morgan’s love, Olivia Breedlove embarks on a reckless folly. But everything backfires when Morgan remains one step ahead of her and the game ventures down a path of duplicity and murder.

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