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Luke Montgomery
A Deceit to Die For
A mysterious letter hidden in an old manuscript… Merciless assassins determined to recover it… An ordinary family fighting to survive…

Get the book that is making waves across the globe!
Gary Warner
A Far Cry From Summer
Lorelei and Lani invite young artist Rosalind to their enchanted Dornie Manor for her latest commission.

But this peaceful, beautiful place is haunted by the echoes of a past atrocity.
Frank Fiore
A Taste of the Apocalypse
Jeremy Nash, a noted debunker and skeptic of conspiracy theories, urban legends and myths, is drawn into the search for where the body of Christ is buried today.
Liana Laverentz
Ashton's Secret
Ashton's Secret is available from The Wild Rose Press along with award winning Thin Ice, and Jake's Return. Available via Amazon, or direct from the author.
David Pyle
Between Life and Death
James Earl Williams has never imagined
that anything supernatural exists outside of
books or movies, but that's all about to change.
Nancy Springer
Dark Lie
As mother and daughter unite in a terrifying struggle to survive, to what extremes will Dorrie go in overcoming her own limitations...and in confronting her dark, tormented past?
wayne hackman
Wilhelma D’Arcy, otherwise known as Billy, is bored studying in Paris, so she heads to Spain where she falls in with a young Spanish crowd on the edge of criminality. Finding herself witnessing a brutal murder, she goes on the run.
Marianne Spitzer
Gypsy Spirits
Spirits? Madness? Which haunts Daniel? His teenage bride, Annamarie, must answer the question while she deals with her husband’s controlling behavior and abnormal fear of spirits he believes exist in the surrounding woods near their home.
Marc DiGiacomo
In a Small Town
Detective Matthew Longo almost falls victim to an assassins bullet. On the surface, the shooting lacks motive, but deep within lies a secret so devastating, it could cost him everything.
Henry Scott
London Comfort
"LONDON COMFORT" is the story of a seemingly brainless Hollywood celebrity who finds herself in the truly brainless world of Washington when a judge sentences her to community service as a White House tour guide.

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