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Leslie Lautzenhiser
Interview with 10 franchise business owners on how they selected their business and what it took to get it going.
Karin Eastham
The first cookbook that makes entertaining easy. Cook the Part includes eight gourmet, four-course menus that are designed to be prepared, and enjoyed, by a group of 4-12 people. It's easy, it's fun, and it's a great new way to entertain.
Robin Leigh Morgan
After giving her first kiss to a boy [Jonathan] Mary has to move, and winds up going to a new school where everyone teases her about house being haunted. After discovering there's ghost living there [George] their relationship starts to grow.........
Savannah Chase
Karina places an ad in the classifieds in hopes of fulfilling a fantasy to bring pleasure with the sound of her voice. When a caller responds and engages her in a stimulating conversation, will she break the connection, or answer with a lovers moan?
Maria Daddino
Happy, sad, and at times a little whimsical, Maria's Duck Tales is a collection of short stories of the sometimes complicated, sometimes heart-breaking but always enriching relationship between a woman and the wildlife who call her garden home.
Arlene Brownell
Non-Adversarial Communication: Speaking and Listening from the Heart is a 'how to' guide for bringing the language of mind, heart and spirit to conflict resolution and to personal or professional relationships.
Emelia Hayes
A chance encounter with a stranger opens up a whole new world for Alison Ambrosi. Kyle Lancaster is one hot, sexy man who introduces her to his wicked ways. With Kyle's encouragement, Alison realises how naughty she can be.
M. Hill
Ready to meet your new best friend? Then grab a cup of coffee and let's go. If what they say about girl talk is true, and misery loving company, then come along and enjoy this commiserative tale of the trials and tribulations of modern dating.
Erik Ossimina
A book on Original Hardcore Alcoholic Beverages