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The PDB would like to offer congratulations to Liana Laverentz, author of Thin Ice, and the newly released  Jake's Return, for winning the most votes during our June, July, and August Favorite Author promotion. Awesome! Click below to read an interview by Liana, or click her photo to go to her PDB profile.

The PDB would like to offer congratulations to Liana Laverentz, author of Thin Ice, for winning the most votes during our June promotion. Karen Minnich-Sadler won June's reader's drawing and gift certificate to

PDB recently had an opportunity to interview Ms. Laverentz:

PDB: Congratulations on winning PDB's top vote getter award for June. For awhile, the vote was too close to call, then at the last minute, Thin Ice came through with a decisive win.

LL: Thank you. It’s an honor to be here.

PDB: What do you feel makes Thin Ice so endearing to readers?

LL: I can’t speak for my readers, thiniceespecially since everyone who has read it seems to have enjoyed it for a different reason, both women and men, but in writing it, I tried to create real people in real situations with issues or challenges any one of us could have faced. Perhaps the universal themes of fear, trust, love and forgiveness give everyone who reads it something to relate to. All I know is it is the book of my heart, and I put everything I had into it—three times over.

PDB: I know you've worked on Thin Ice for many years, why did this one  book keep coming back to you and why did you keep reviving it?

LL: I am just totally in love with Eric. I felt his (and Emily’s, of course!) story needed to be told. I didn’t create him only to have him languish under my bed with the dust bunnies, although that was where the manuscript was when I pulled it out this last time. It had already made the rounds of traditional publishers a couple of times with no takers, and I’d moved on to other projects. But I loved it so much I was letting my friends read the manuscript, one by one, from a three ring binder, and then one of them, one who reads a lot of books, insisted I needed to give it one more shot. So at his encouragement and insistence, I re-wrote Thin Ice one more time, sent it out, and within days it sold. That’s why the book is dedicated to him.

PDB: Describe a typical day in your writing life.

LL: For me, there is no such thing. Every day is different. I’ve posted a few examples on the Sweeter Romantic Notions blog, a website dedicated to authors who write the sweeter, or less steamy novels. But I will say I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love having a vocation that I can work at any time of the day or night, and one that can ultimately make use of every experience I have, good or bad, and one that allows me the freedom to come and go as I please. I can spend the day reading a book (research!), visiting with a friend (networking!) or simply head for the beach or mountains to soak up some atmosphere (scoping out a location!). How many people can say sitting there and staring out at nothing in particular is part of “working?”

I love the freedom to be able to work until I am tired of it, then go and do something else, and come back totally refreshed and ready to work again. I have this quote from Elisabeth Kübler-Ross taped above my desk. “When you spend your life doing what you love to do, you are nourishing your soul. It matters not what you do, only that you love what you happen to do.”

My soul is nourished every day, and that’s the only thing typical about it.

PDB: How would you describe a romance book to someone who has never read one - but should?

LL: To me, a romance novel is about the commitment one man and one woman make to each other to live out the rest of their lives together. What came before does not matter, other than that any issues arising from it need to be resolved before our hero and heroine can be happy together. It might involve having a family, it might not. What it does involve is internal growth and change on the part of both characters as they work through whatever issues keep them from loving each other unconditionally, while at the same time dealing with the external obstacles that move the plot forward.

Ideally, just as in any other book, these external obstacles should provide the protagonist(s) with opportunities to conquer their inner demons or challenges. But romances are about love, so in our case, it’s about the struggle we all go through to love and be loved. In a sense, romances can allow us to see into other relationships to see how others manage to make it work for them. To me, a romance novel also reinforces the idea that no matter how successful you might be on your own, it just doesn’t mean anything unless you have someone to share it with.

Last, but not least, romance novels also guarantee you a happy ending, one designed to leave you with a sigh and a smile, feeling good inside when the book ends. I don’t think there can ever be too many opportunities in this world to feel good inside.

PDB: What advice would you offer new writers who are interested in  getting published?

LL: Believe in yourself, be persistent and find a partner who will help you stay on track. It can be a friend, relative, spouse or fellow writer. All you need is one unwavering soul in your corner for the days when you wonder why you bother, if you shouldn’t be spending your time in some other, more fruitful way. But remember this: if you don’t write your stories, no one else is going to do it for you. They won’t be written. Ever. And that will be a shame, because writers have a God-given talent for words, and to not use your gifts, whatever they may be, makes both you and God unhappy.

Jake's ReturnPDB: What's next for you?

I have a new book coming out from The Wild Rose Press electronically in the next couple of months, and in print in early 2008. Jake’s Return is another contemporary romance, this one with a hint of suspense. Small town bad boy returns home to find the woman he loves has also returned, and that they have a daughter. The villain in the story has a very dark secret and stoops to kidnapping and attempted murder to get Jake, who has just been released from prison, out of the way for good.

Also in 2008 I plan to re-release Ashton’s Secret, through The Wild Rose Press.

Thin Ice is available from the PDB website, Wild Rose Press, and other fine book stores across the country.


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