by Sheri Bell-Rehwoldt

So I gave Google+ a whirl recently. You want to check it out, too, to market your books.


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Here’s the gist of it: this nifty tool allows me to set up online “circles” of people that I designate by topic or interest. I can then post messages to specific circles, invite circle members to a live web session (after downloading the software that activates the web cam) for a group chat (“hangout”) — or, using the phone app, we can “huddle” while texting to determine, say, where we should meet up for dinner. Now that’s cool.

The default circles are “Friends,” “Family,” “Acquaintances,” and “Following.” But I can also customize them, say, to add one for my church friends, my Meetup friends, and those in my book club. Or I can put people in numerous groups.

Now, I'm not sure yet how active I'll be on Google+, as it's yet one more online community tying me to my computer, but I can see it being useful. Very. For small, distinct groups of people I want to talk with.

If you're also kicking the tires of Google+, or you don't yet have an invite and want to read up on what the buzz is all about, peruse the following links. I found them helpful.

1. Google+ Cheat Sheet Who doesn't love cheat sheets? Print this out and keep it handy.

2. How to Get Started With Google+ This article is by Social Media Examiner, which always does a stellar job of hands-on articles.

3. Google+ A Collaborative Document I love the subtitle: (or how 120+ people wrote a book at the same time). You will have to scroll through the various pages, but there are lots of gems here regarding privacy, shortcuts, and adding the app to your Android phone.

What are your thoughts on Google+? We could chat about it here -- or there -- if you add me to a circle. ;-)


Sheri Bell-Rehwoldt

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