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by Sheri Bell-Rehwoldt

Authors, I'm always on the hunt for examples of how authors are effectively using social media to promote and sell their books. Here's an example!


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In this post, I highlight how Gary Vaynerchuk has used Twitter, Facebook, and his blog to promote his business book Crush It! Why Now Is The Time to Cash In On Your Passion (a great read, by the way).

Gary isn't shy online. But neither is he a wall flower offline. That's why he's such a good marketer: he sticks to his brand -- and doesn't apologize for it. Get to know Gary's personality a bit by checking out one of his wine videos at Wine Library TV.

When Crush It! was available for presale, Gary starting pumping his social media engine. He added both text and video content to his blog hyping his business book and why people should read it. He added links to Barnes & Noble and Amazon, but he also added a "Pass This Book on to Your Friends" call-to-action and links to both Facebook and Twitter.

But he didn't stop there. If his blog visitors clicked on the Twitter button, up popped a prewritten tweet that included a link back to a video on Gary's blog. If fans clicked on the Facebook button, they got a blank message box in which they could endorse the book. Once posted on their Facebook profile, their message included a link back to the blog/video.

Check out Gary's Crush It! site. It's a marketing marvel -- a "how-to" roadmap for the rest of us trying to gain exposure.

The site currently has links to Vook ("Read it, Watch it."), press and reviews, TV interviews, a sample chapter, an opt-in box for the Crush It! newsletter, video testimonials, a link to the Crush It! Facebook page, a Twitter overlay, a "Put hashtag #crushit at the end of your tweets to support the book" call-to-action, and an enticement called the Crush It! "Experience," which offers up freebies to those who buy Crush It! in bulk. (Man, I wish I had need of 1,000 copies!)

Want an extensive list of other social tools Gary recommends? Check out this Social Media & My Somewhat Obsession With Shiny Objects post on the Somewhat Frank blog. You'll spend hours perusing all the links!

Get hype, like Gary, with your social media marketing!


Sheri Bell-Rehwoldt

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