bookstackYou're an author. You've worked hard writing your book(s) and are now holding the published miracle in your hands. What's next?

It's time to promote your book and your options are endless.

Where do you start?

The one thing you know for sure: You want more people to know about your book. The more people who see it, the more chance they will buy it. Right?


The PDB helps you gain more book visibility:


1. When you set up your PDB profile and upload your lead title's book cover (front and center of your main profile page), several things happen.

a) Each time you login, a mini icon of your book cover pops to the top of our "Click Cover for Details" module, which is visible on many pages throughout the site. Readers can point to these images, see a popup, and click to go immediately to your profile. Voila'! More visibility. (Note, only the lead image appears there, but you can upload a rotating gif.)

b) Each time you login, your book cover and short description pops to the top of our Reader's Browse list. Sure, you can set up your profile and never come back, but with so many great books to choose from, we've learned from experience at the PDB that those on the opening pages are gaining the most visibility. (The choice is yours: set it and forget it, or be active and reap more rewards.)

c) When you select your genre in the drop down menu (on Book 1 tab), readers can search for your book via our category search. Since many of the older posted titles have not updated to this feature yet, your book will gain more viewing while others are lost in limbo. (Note, the other category checkmark boxes only show up on your profile, but they give you the opportunity to mark additional categories that might also apply. This was an old option, so it is not used elsewhere and isn't available on other book tabs.

d) When you add your Twitter handle into the appropriate box in your profile, not only can readers view your tweets and subscribe to them, your handle is also added to our Twitter list where other PDBers can find you and connect. We post, retweet, and monitor Twitter too, especially looking for Author gossip and other goodies we can post on our site. (We love giving visibility to our authors whenever we can!) If you tweet for us, you will find that we find ways to thank you back. The PDB appreciates retweets immensely! (Note, remember to post your Twitter name on your profile without the "@" — i.e. polkadotbanner (not @polkadotbanner) as the software adds the "@" for you.) Oh, and by the way, don't forget to follow us! 


Best of all, every option above is absolutely free! 


2. When you upgrade your profile*, these additional visibility options apply:

a) With the More Visibility option, your book will appear in the mini icon ribbon that runs along the top of all pages. These icons are our top hit clicks on the site! 

b) Featured authors will appear on the front page highlight area with links to excerpts and/or interviews. This will put you front and center for our readers.

c) Use the Multiple Books option and you will have access to extra tabs and fields on your profile so readers get a quick overview of all your reviews, testimonials, as well as quick links to your website, social media sites, and retail sales sites. Most readers only stay on our site for approximately four minutes per visit. Why? They are immediately clicking to an author's site to learn more about them (then they come back for more). If you want more visibility, then the PDB has many ways to bring it to you. 

d) Throughout our site we offer mini book cover ads that click over to the author's profile. You can purchase one for as low as $5 per month. Or receive a mini ad at no additional charge as part of the More Visibility and Featured Author options. These ads provide another quick click for readers to find YOU and your book.

e) If all of this sounds great but you're just too busy to do it, or if you are not that good with computers and would the PDB to take care of it all, then check out our "We Do it for You" upgrade options.


Even the upgraded option is very affordable
and is only paid once per year.


3. Want even MORE visibility? The PDB can provide it. Featured Authors receive all of the above PLUS...

a) Receive a large banner ad displaying your book to entice our visiting readers. This will appear on random pages throughout the site.

b) Our PDB Featured Authors are among the most read pages on our site! This is where the PDB interviews YOU, the author, about your book and writing life. Interviews include links to to buy your book as well as links to your website and profile. This interview remains on our site long-term!

c) Your book will be listed on our Platinum Authors page, with, of course, another quick link to your profile! 


There's More Free Options!


4. I'm still not finished! The PDB was built by a visibility hungry author who knows how to put your books and ideas in front of others. So besides all the opportunities mentioned above, here are yet others you can take advantage of when you are listed on the PDB:

a) Blog with us as a guest blogger. Share your expertise with others.

b) Become a topic blogger with the PDB. Blog on a particular topic each month. Receive visibility perks in exchange, as well as offering content that others will tweet and share. Topic bloggers have their own personal link under the blog tab for easy access and Super visibility!

c) Share an essay or a piece on the Writing Life via our Polka Dot Banter. (Jane Nixon White moderates.)

d) Join in discussions with us on Twitter and our own FaceBook group. We also have a forum where you can post discussions, events, and the like.

e) Most articles have quick social media sharing buttons and profiles do too. (Look for the Share This link at the top right of an author's profile).




As you can see, the PDB is LOADED with lots of Visibility options, and all you have to do is list your book. I haven't even mentioned the quick access to industry news, onsite videos, and great info available to you as an author via our bloggers and articles.

To sign up, click the Join Now tab above. If you are already a listed author and you want to upgrade, follow these steps: 1) login, 2) click to update your profile, 3) then click your Subscription tab. 4) Choose the option you want. If you don't want to use Paypal, we also accept checks. 

Are you ready for Mega Visibility? Join or Upgrade now.

Not able to upgrade but want to help out the site? Then click on interesting-to-you Google Ads on our site. We receive a few cents each time you do. Thanks.