PlatosCaveNovelist Larry Henry has been invited to sign his books, Garden of Eden & Plato's Cave at the North Carolina Marine Corps League, convention June 1st thru June 3rd. Henry was a member the Marine Reserves from 1957 to 1963. He writes about three fictional characters from Knoxville, TN who joined the USMC in 1967.

Garden of Eden is a journey back in time to that bittersweet innocence of the 1960s, youth and patriotism, war and betrayal, love and sacrifice, boys coming home in metal tuxedos, and a world torn apart by a war that was never intended to be won. Henry lived in that world, that, and the glory days of the 1950s. He lived and cherish those bygone years.gardenofeden

Researching the Vietnam War landed Henry in a mental depression. He knew it was mismanaged by the politicians, but had no idea of the utter stupidity, arrogance, and incompetence. The Pentagon wasn't any better. One example of their "ability" was the bombing raids over Hanoi under Nixon. The Air Force sent the B-52s in along the same flight path again and again, making them easy prey for the North Vietnamese SAM sites surrounding the city.

Garden of Eden tells the story of a war managed by fools, the brave men and women on both sides who fought and died there, and a biased world media who seldom told the truth.

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