CSilvis_blog_sq75by Carol Silvis

As writers, our emotions can range from the euphoric highs reached whenever we are writing to the depressing lows brought on by the rejection of our work by ourselves and others. Often it is difficult to maintain a positive attitude through it all.

One way to build and sustain a positive attitude is by using positive language, both when speaking and when thinking. Positive language keeps us in a healthy state of mind—something necessary for pursing our writing and publishing goals.

Become aware of negative thoughts. Pay attention to what you say. When you notice negative comments or thoughts, replace them with positive ones. It may seem like an insignificant step, but it is one with a huge impact on attitude. Surround yourself with other positive people and emulate their language and attitudes.

When the going gets tough, don’t tell yourself the path is too difficult but declare that you will overcome difficulties and setbacks. Believe it. You may have to adjust your goals and the steps you take to reach them, but positive thoughts and speech will sustain you through the adjustments.

Become committed to all things positive. Instead of saying, “I give up,” say, “I’ll find another way.” Instead of “I’ll try…” say, “I will.” Instead of saying, “Probably…”, say, “Yes,” or “Definitely.”

Always think and speak positively. A little tweak of your language may make a big difference in creating a positive attitude, which might lead you to the fulfillment of your writing goals.


Carol Silvis is the author of several non-fiction books including Job Hunting After 50 (Cengage, 2011). Her article on “Time Management and Organization for Writers” will be published in the 2012 Writers MarketVisit her PDB Profile here. Visit her website www.carolsilvis.com and blog www.carolsilvis.blogspot.com.  Follow her on twitter @carolsilvis.