Transformational Healing

TransHealing72by Jamie Saloff

Learn how your physical symptoms can become a message of guidance in your life and how to access that guidance at will. In addition, understand why your heritage and ancestry is important--NOW.

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The Taming of Corky

TamingofCorky adby Jane White

Nine-year-old Corky manages to miraculously survive the plane crash that kills his parents and everyone else aboard. He faces a struggle for his life in the freak snowstorm that downed the plane, alone in a vast wilderness.

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The Ones That Got Away

Ones that Got Awayby M. Hill

"Hill says something universal-- at least for women who date men."
Eloise Michael for the Feathered Quill

Are you ready to meet your new best friend? Then grab a cup of coffee and let's go. If what they say about girl talk is true, and misery loving company, then come along and enjoy this commiserative tale of the trials and tribulations of modern dating. Jane Austen never experienced anything like this. Before your coffee cools, you'll have a new confidante you know more intimately than anyone else. This girl is candid!

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