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Review: "The Battle for Tomorrow" by Dr. Stuart Jeanne Bramhall

BattleForTomorrow"The Battle for Tomorrow" by Dr. Stuart Jeanne Bramhall is narrated by Angela (Ange), who has had to deal with lots of adult-level responsibilities in her sixteen years. In her thirteenth year, her mom had a stroke on her right side and lost speech and most mobility. Also at thirteen, Ange had her first abortion. Now, at sixteen, she is getting her second abortion, and while she accepts that her relationship with the 23-year-old political activist is over, Ange is totally convinced of the need for activism.


Review: "Island Eyes, Island Skies" by Richard Levine

IslandEyes"Island Eyes, Island Skies" by Richard Levine is the story of D.C., a tween girl, and Rob, a tween boy, as they share life experiences and learn to overcome tragedy. After first meeting at her cousin's birthday party, Rob and D.C. were reunited at school when D.C.'s family moved to Old Westwood. Soon after they got to know each other, Rob's father had a heart attack and D.C.'s mother had a miscarriage. D.C. and Rob found each other as kindred souls seeking explanations for the random tragedies that had struck their families. Will Rob and D.C. come to accept their disasters or will they continue to be haunted by these tragedies forever?